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Imagine Fabric is a leading provider of upholstery fabrics. We offer fabrics in a range of colors, patterns, textures and styles to meet the unique personalities out there. Our fabrics offer comfort and durability in their application area.

Ease your stress away with

warm and soft fabrics that provide lots of calm and relaxation. No matter the prevailing season, the right fabrics are soft enough to offer coziness. This is unlike leather materials that cool in winter and become hot and sticky in summer.

Our fabrics offer enough suppleness for undeniable comfort. They also ensure that your furniture doesn’t sag or wrinkle easily, keeping its shape whenever you get up off your seat.

The grade of fabrics determine their quality of wear and tear, meaning high quality fabrics endure weariness better. Cleaning and maintenance is also easier because of the fabric type. Stain-resistant finishes on fabrics make it easy to clean spills.

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Specialty cleaning products such as a handheld steam cleaner easily removes stains off your fabrics. Moreover, fabrics don’t harbor unpleasant marks or scratches as in the case of leather materials. Caring for your fabrics is also easier if you keep pets in your home.
 Fabrics come in a myriad range of patterns and color choices to suit the different tastes and personalities out there.

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With the right fabrics, you can express your personality and style inside your home or kitchen. Opt for neutrals with a calming touch, or bold patterns or colors to create a center of attraction.
Imagine Fabric understands the need to work on a budget while still getting value for your money. Although high quality fabrics don’t come cheap, we help you make the best selections based on your budget.

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The design and color of fabrics are important factors when choosing the right fabrics for you. Depending on your furniture or application area and your home’s unique features, choose robust fabrics for enhanced durability.
For instance, you’ll need durable fabrics if you have pets and kids in your home. You also need durable fabrics if you intend to use your fabric design on a daily basis.

Available in

lots of styles, choose the fabric style that complements your specific furniture or application area, including your home’s interior décor and unique features. Choose colors with an effect on your furniture and home at large. This is especially true for large tables and sofas.

Imagine Fabric

can help you choose the right fabrics for your home based on your budget, style, preferences and personality. We offer exceptional fabrics for your unique needs. Choose fabrics bound to bring out the best in you and your upholstery or intended application.

Choose Imagine Fabric for all your fabric design and related needs.