The Fabrics

The traditional plastic that your grandma used to cover her sofas crinkly shifted underneath you, atop being uncomfortable. She also protected her living room from dirt and related damage using a clear plastic to cover her seats.

Although the plastic,

cover did the job of preserving her fabrics while showing off her contemporary style, it was difficult to handle and wasn’t pleasant to the eyes. This was nothing like the performance fabrics we offer.

We provide fabrics that resist wear and tear, and even promote a healthier lifestyle. With our high quality fabrics, you don’t need the plastic sheaths your grandma used to cover her seats. You can have water- and stain-resistant cushions.

The fabrics we offer are hydrophobic, meaning they’re washable with water and soap without absorbing liquid.

Materials such as acrylic or washable types that weave into textiles such as Olefin protect your cushions or throw pillows and offer total comfort.

Imagine Fabric also offers chemically-coated or synthetic fibers to resist mold and mildew and thus reduce allergens.

With simple clean up, you no longer have to worry about your favorite fabrics getting ruined with messy, unsightly stains. Irrespective of who sits on your seats or what is served at dinner, we guarantee you worry-free living with performance fabrics.

Ranging from natural fibers to synthetics such as acrylic, polyester, nylon and olefin, our materials allow homeowners to enjoy living in their homes. We reduce common issues related to long-term furniture, allowing you better living.