How to Choose the Right Fabrics for Office Upholstery and Decor

Previously, people believed offices only required minimal decorations because it’s a work environment. However, now we know that having a beautiful design doesn’t make it any less of a place of business. Some people might use the taste of your furnishings to assess your establishment. Therefore, you need to take this feature seriously.

Besides being a significant investment, decor and furniture determine the ambiance of a place. Thus, you want to ensure that you put enough consideration into the designs you choose. Some individuals hire professionals to handle the work, but some ignore it because they don’t know as much as they should.

It’s understandable, and we know it can be overwhelming, especially with the many options available. That’s why we have this article – to use our knowledge to guide your choice of the right fabrics. It’s the same way you’d need a manual when getting started with an unfamiliar device, for example, a metal detector. We’ll begin by discussing the various decorative textile materials.

Various Decorative Fabrics

Tough Natural Fabric- Leather

Leather is a sleek material that serves various purposes. Some people don’t exactly classify it as fabric, but it’s essential in making some furniture. That’s because it’s durable and gives off an air of luxury or grandeur. Also, leather is usually monotonic in design, so it easily blends with other decorative pieces. Another advantage is that it isn’t difficult to maintain.

However, this material is costlier than most, although the prices vary based on the grade. You must know that the degree determines the quality you’ll get, and thus, it’s vital to tell the high-grades apart from the low-grades. If not, you may purchase low degree leather at a high price. Nevertheless, besides the appearance, it’s also comfortable, so it’s worth every penny.

Soft Natural Fabrics

The soft natural fabrics include cotton, wool, silk, and linen. Though they derive leather from natural sources, we classify it separately because it has a firmer feel. Cotton is cheap but not preferred because it lacks specific durability and quickly gets dirty. Silk, on the other hand, can be pricey and requires effortful maintenance. However, these materials are excellent.

It’s sturdier than the others for wool and requires careful maintenance because it quickly gets smelly. Meanwhile, linen is great because it allows for printing, and thus, usually has intricate designs. However, it wrinkles faster and may not be presentable in general access rooms or offices. These materials make excellent furniture and decor accessories.

Synthetic Fabrics

These materials are the ones not made from natural sources. They include rayon, olefin, and polyester. Most of them are more durable than the natural cloth fabrics. However, while polyester is usually wrinkle-free, rayon isn’t, but they’re both not challenging to maintain. One essential is to ensure that you’re getting the right quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying Fabrics


Besides buying high-quality fabrics for your office design, selecting the most appropriate one is crucial. Therefore, knowing how to choose is necessary. The primary thing to consider is the purpose. It could be for a break room or lounge or an executive’s office, but you’ll want to make sure it makes the desired statement. Subsequently, we’ll discuss some other things to note.

The Source or Dealer

Most people ignore where they buy certain products, but it’s essential. That’s because you need people who’re professionals and can guide you beyond the desire to make a profit. You’ll also want to check out establishments like Imagine Fabric, where you can get all you need. It’s easier to get discounts that way, as opposed to buying them at different stores.

Colors and Patterns

The colors you use are essential because they either bring warmth or coolness to space. You should ensure that the ones you pick go with your office’s general decor; you don’t want to have conflicting schemes. The same thing applies to your use of patterns. If solid colors are too dull for you, then that’s the way to go. However, make sure there’s balance.


The texture of a fabric or upholstery gives the feel to be soft and plush, or harsh. Thus, it says a lot about the office. That’s because it provides a picture of either comfort or functionality. Therefore, you need to know which one to go for depending on its use. It also determines how easy the cleaning will be.

Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Nowadays, most people need things that last because nobody desires to spend on the same thing repeatedly. Thus, you must be sure the material is durable, and that’s why many individuals opt for leather without any consideration. The fabrics must also be easy to clean and maintain, especially if you have an in-house cleaning staff.


Whatever you want for your office, it’s necessary to consider pricing. Thus, whether it’s a fabric for decoration or a metal detector for security, getting the affordable option is best. However, that doesn’t mean you should opt for anyone because it’s cheap or buy knockoffs. It means you must work with your budget, especially if you’re setting up a new business.