Add Plush and Color into Your Kitchen Interiors with the Right Fabrics

Moving into a new home, building your first home or simply working on a kitchen remodeling project can be exciting and fun.


The projects can also be filled with uncertainty, especially with regards to decoration.

When decorating your kitchen interiors, it’s important to ensure that it reflects your personal style and character for elevated appeal. A perfectly-decorated kitchen is comfortable, attractive, functional, and works to make your home happy.

However, a proper plan, creativity and interior design tips can help you decorate your kitchen like a professional.

Color is an integral aspect of interior décor. It can reflect style and character, brighten your kitchen space, and make your general home happier. Ranging from paint to fabrics to appliances you can make your kitchen plush and glamorous in various ways.

With the right colors, you can add comfort and eye-appeal to your kitchen. Although the kitchen usually doesn’t have as many fabrics as other rooms in the house, you can decorate your cooking space with colored fabrics.

Whether you opt to cover your dining chairs in fun fabric patterns, include patterned throw pillows in your banquette, or hang an attractive fabric artwork on the wall, you can use fabrics to decorate your kitchen.

Here’s how to give your kitchen an instant new look using seat covers, curtains and shades, throw pillows and towels or skirts to decorate your space:

  • Choose a colorful rug for the kitchen floor

A vibrant rug is a great way to introduce color to your kitchen, especially if it has a neutral backdrop. Whereas runners are ideal for perimeter countertops and islands, you’ll find area rugs perfect for spacious kitchens or those with lots of open spaces.

Choose a material that’s heavy to withstand foot traffic, atop being easy to clean. Attach the rug to a non-skid pad to secure it in place on the floor and keep your kitchen safe from falls.

  • Play with patterns and stripes

Hang a skirt on the base of your kitchen sink to complement your black walls that create a perfect backdrop for your bold or patterned fabric colors.

Depending on the color you’ve chosen, the skirt can accentuate your kitchen color scheme and hide plumbing pipes. Add a red rug on the floor, wall sconces or even pottery to complement the color of the skirt.

  • Invest in kitchen seating

Replace ordinary kitchen island stools with a seating option for a livelier look and feel.

Seats are upholstered in all kinds of colors, giving you the option to choose a preferred fabric color option to dress your stools. Include accessories such as throw pillows in matching color shades for a complementary look.

You can also consider different colors for the accessories to give your kitchen a contrasting look. Top your banquette with fabric to add color pops color into your cooking space. This is a great way to update your kitchen seating area.

With a few yards of fabric you can give your barstools and kitchen chairs a new look. Choose colors that blend well with your stained wood furniture and classic granite for a unique traditional touch.

  • Create a summer or gathering place in the kitchen

Green floral fabrics on seat cushions or window shades create a perfect summer ambience in the kitchen. Pair it with wicker chairs for a cozy, summery effect.

If yours is a vintage kitchen, a flirty skirt in neutral colors can add charm and era into your cooking space. The right neutral colors on your fabrics will ensure that the items you’ve displayed on your open shelves or cabinets with glass doors look outstanding.

Display food items in transparent containers and supplements to complement the function of your kitchen. For example, you can display your supplements when not in use; you’re likely to take them in between meals to suppress your food cravings.

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Displaying your supplements and other food items is both attractive and reflects the functional aspect of your kitchen.

Tie-on chair pads, a table runner and supportive pillows in the dining room make for a sunny and welcoming eating area in alcove. Bring out the color on your colorway with a complementary Chandelier shade. You’ll enjoy having breakfast in your comfortable dining area.

  • Give it a garden fresh look

Find a fabric with prints of fruits and vegetables to hang in your kitchen for a garden fresh appearance. If the fabric has veggies and other produce in bold colors such as tomatoes, make sure your kitchen theme is white or any other neutral color.

Together with an actual kitchen garden or house plant, your cooking space will become healthier.

  • Window treatments

Window treatments such as shades and curtains in fun patterns and colors accentuate kitchen windows for a beautiful look.

Whereas valances and café curtains are easy to clean to remove kitchen splatters and cooking smells, Roman shades may require professional cleaning.

Other Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen with Colored Fabrics

Add interest and glam into your cooking space with any of the following fabric color combinations:

  • Deep teal and orange cream make kitchens lively.
  • Brass and cherry give kitchens a luxury look, especially if you enjoy spending quiet moments in your cooking space.
  • Mustards and sapphires create kitchens drenched in colors, and double as “flex rooms” for adult after-dinner drinks or an area for your kids to do homework.
  • Raspberry and aqua or orchid and royal blue add a relaxing effect to your kitchen.
  • Olive and tangerine work well in the dining area to boost your family’s appetite for food.