Our Mission & Vision



The mission of Imagine Fabrics is to offer a range of high-quality fabrics to our customers. We help homeowners dress their homes in color and style


Our aim is to ensure that homeowners invest in high quality, performance fabrics that offer comfort and durability in their living room or dining furniture. We look forward to becoming a leading performance fabrics provider worldwide.

We Specialize In

Our fabrics

also protect your furniture from gross growths that usually affect furniture for long-term use.

With our high quality fabrics,

we offer customers better living. And, you don’t have to cover your seats anymore as your grandma did years ago. Instead, opt for our premium fabrics.

Your living room couch

is expensive and receives lots of traffic on a daily basis. With our performance fabrics, you can choose the right materials that resist stains and withstand high traffic to keep your sofas looking great all the time.

Our fabrics resist friction,

and endure cleaning to prolong the life of your coaches, enabling you to enjoy your home fully.

We understand the need for water-

and stain-resistant chair cushions in your living room or kitchen, especially when kids are involved. Bright red sauce, sticky syrup or soggy oatmeal can cause havoc on your designer seats

Your guests can also spill

red wine on your seats, leaving permanent stains if you’ve got poor quality fabrics. Imagine Fabric comes in to offer you performance fabrics for your chair cushions in the dining area to ease cleaning after entertaining guests in your home.