Tips for Choosing the Best Upholstery Fabrics for Your Sofa

Your chair, ottoman, or sofa’s upholstery is what defines your room’s character. Upholstery fabrics like plush velvet and elegant silks have its pros and cons.

Besides aesthetic appeal, you’ll need to consider other factors while choosing the best upholstery fabric for your sofa. When it comes to picking your upholstery’s fabrics, it’s sometimes difficult to choose from the endless options available.

Fabrics or leather? Bold color or neutral? Solid or pattern? There are several possibilities to express yourself while picking suitable materials for your sofa.

Consider investing in getting the best upholstery fabrics if you want something that will last for a while. We understand it’s challenging to get a good fabric, and with thousands of offline and online stores selling upholstery fabrics, you might have difficulty choosing a suitable one.

Don’t fret; we’re here to help you!


You’ll find the following tips for picking the best fabrics for your sofa very helpful.

1.  Fabric Color

The fabric color you decide on can either make your sofa blend in or stand out.

When you choose upholstery fabrics in bright colors, it creates a bold accent and dramatic difference to your sitting room.

And the downside?

It’ll be more challenging to redesign a color scheme.

Light colors often show marks easily. So if you prefer a pale-colored sofa, opt for a washable, removable cover or get the upholstery pre-treated to repel stains.

You can compromise with a taupe or grey-colored sofa. Both colors are dark enough to hide marks and stains while blending in with every color scheme.

Consider switching up the color by adding bright, swappable accessories, like throws and colorful cushions.

2.  Maintenance

You’d need to consider the amount of wear and tear your upholstery will have and if you can care for the fabric.

Consider getting the fabric’s sample, then compress and stretch it to see if you can notice any drastic changes in its structures.

If you’re going to place the sofa in direct sunlight, then don’t use fabrics like linen or cotton, which will fade over time.

Hypoallergenic cushions fill and microfiber fabrics are best if you’re allergic to dust, seeing as they repel dust from accumulating dust on the furniture.

Consider fabrics that are mildew-resistant during humid conditions.

Vinyl and stain-resistant outdoor fabrics are best for homes with pets and kids.

To prolong the upholstery in the sitting room, consider placing another sofa outdoor in the deck.

The kids and pets can play outside there. However, monitor their activities to ensure they’re safe.

You can utilize easy to use applications and security services like identity theft protection to keep an eye on them.

The major aim is to prevent them from talking to strangers while outdoors and disclosing personal information.

That way, you get to keep your family safe.

3.  Usage

The sofa’s usage will determine to an extent your choice of fabric.

Will you place your sofa in a busy room where wine will be spilled as you entertain guests? Or will it occupy a home office?

For example, textured and luxurious blends with wool are best for sofas in seldom-used rooms.

If there are pets or children, cotton fabric is perfect, seeing as you can easily wash them.

Durable fabrics like microfiber blends or corduroys work specially in a sitting room, unlike chenilles and velvets, which are demanding.

If you’re using natural, dark fabric, keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. You can go for a fade-resistant fabric or lighter shade.

4.  Budget

Before choosing fabric for your upholstery, you need to have a budget.

There are several cheaper but beautiful fabrics you can buy to save cost. However, note that a more inexpensive material might mean limited color to choose from.

In contrast, a bigger budget will ensure varieties of fabrics and colors. More so, you can order swatches before buying so you can make your choice.


Now that you know how to make the right choice for your upholstery fabric, ensure you pick the best based on your need.

Whether you wish to create a new look in your sitting room or reupholster a sofa that’s rarely used, you can check your options before making a final decision.

Remember, picking the right fabric for your sofa goes beyond choosing the color. You’ll need to consider the maintenance and usage.

It’d be best to ask for swatches from reputable upholstery fabric stores like Imagine Fabric to make choices that reflect your personality and leaves you satisfied with your sofa’s appearance.

Choose Imagine Fabric for all your fabric design and related needs.